Friday, March 18, 2011

The physical relationship between husband and wife In Islam

Islamic religion inclusive all life aspects,therefor,Physical relation between husband and wife was covered by Islam in a respectful manner.

Marriage in Islam is imposed on each Muslim adult-as long as he can manage being married or able to get married,either financially or physically. Being married has many goals; obey God's order and the Prophets' manner,starting a family,having kids,raise a new generation of Muslims,fullfilling the sexual desires in pure Halal way(a way that is allowed by Allah).

There are rules for this relation and we should be aware:
  • Both,husband and wife should keep themselves clean,smell nice for each other,Removal of armpit and pubic hair is recommended,brushing their teeth or using Zakia(Swak) is also recommended.
  • A prayer should be said before starting : In the name of God,Alah let Satan go away from us & from what you gave us.
  • Avoid the initiation of having sex in front of children.
  • It is prohibited to disclosure what is going on between the couple.
  • Prior to engaging in sexual intercourse, it is necessary for the husband to express his affection and love for his wife by touching her, caressing her, and kissing her.
  • All movements are allowed except brining the anal.
  • Having sex while menstruation is prohibited;The scholars of Islam explained that keeping away and not approaching means that there should be no intercourse during that period. Muhammad used to kiss his wives when they had menses. The husband may enjoy (sexual activity) other than intercourse.

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Islam is peace

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Islam is peace